Building Mama Leyeyo’s House

Our project was to build a house for our friend Leyeyo’s mother in Africa.  We raised the money ourselves by donations to our online video and selling African art and jewelry.


IMG_0714Here is a picture of Mama Leyeyo’s original house in Longido, Tanzania. She lived in a traditional Maasai house called a Boma made of sticks, tarps, straw and mud.





IMG_0723We first built a water tank made of cement and brick on top of a cement foundation.  It was used for holding water for the cement mixing, and it was made to collect rain water from the roof with rain gutters.





IMG_0699Then dug two feet in the ground to build the rock and cement foundation.







We used the foundation to build the brick walls.  The house was designed to have two rooms, two windows, and a door.





IMG_0761When the walls were built the roof was next.






IMG_1258The roof was made with a wooden frame, and sheet metal on top.






IMG_1347Before we left we coated the entire outside of the house with cement.  The inside was coated with cement and plaster.








We did not entirely finish the house on our stay but we were ensured that it would be completed with a paint job, a bathroom, and furniture by our associate Paul who arrived a week before we left Africa.